• “Butterflies in a Gilded Cage” [ READ THE FIRST THREE CHAPTERS ]
      • 1903: The introspective Black piano player at Chicago’s most opulent brothel, a harlot on the run from her murderous past, and the city’s most scandal-ridden all-too-eligible bachelor face lethal underworld blackmail and the societal demands of race, sexuality and class to unapologetically navigate their own treacherous love triangle.
    • “Sunset ’81” – One Hour Dark Television Drama [ READ THE FIRST TEN PAGES ]
      • LIVE FAST. UN-DIE YOUNG. 1981: A bad-ass bass player on the Sunset Strip is offered fame, fortune and immortality by a reclusive Hollywood legend. But is her eternal life worth killing for?
    • “The House of Lilies” – One Hour Dark Television Drama [ READ THE FIRST TEN PAGES ]
      • When the globe-trotting curator for the Vatican’s secret erotic archive falls in lust with a New Orleans party girl, they get caught up in a centuries-old war between a group of immortal courtesans and the secret order sworn to destroy them.


    • “Relics of Thundor” – Feature Film – Live Action Drama
      • When a fed-up princess from a 1989 video game receives propaganda via a mysterious gang of rebels from other games, she decides to save herself. (Consulting partners: Retro Game SuperHyper and BITCULTURE)
    • “The Grind” – One Hour Dark Television Drama
      • After the matriarch of a hipster strip club dies, a shy dancer must keep a dark secret from her misfit “family”.

    • “Courtesan Cocktails and Other Libertine Libations” [ SAMPLE ]
    • “Nothing But a Good Time – The 80’s Hair Metal Cocktail Book”