Vapor All the Same

dec 12 2008

I’ve always been drawn by your dark whispers
Promises of swampy sin sent on the brass air

I’ve pictured your poisons
Drowsy French girls on swings
Expelling incense of oyster,
Thigh sweat, bourbon and
Powdered sheets
Like wide-eyed altar boys

You have all the time in the world
Time to let your legends steep
To be drunk heartily then
Leaving your future against the mug to be read into a new story

And now that I’ve experienced you
Walked where Faulkner wrote
Seen pirate ghosts and Degas’ haunts
I’m a little ashamed to think that maybe

I’m too square for what you’ve become

Or do they prop you up
A white-washed twin
A codified collection of curios

Who has changed?  You or me?
Or is it possible that we’ve both changed
Or changed each other?

I want to sit between your knees
And let your vampires lance my back
And drink stiff bourbon from your balconies
And sing with your sailors
And poison your whores with my own tales
Dig my nails into thighs under lace
And pull your legs to my ears

But all I get is ghosts
Wonderfully tall and sinister ghosts
But vapor all the same

I’ve fallen for you
And breathed your story into my lungs
And because I’ve bought the sin you’ve sold
And loved it with my own lips
I’ll return and try again