EXHIBIT A is now casting

Shooting Mar/Apr 2022 – PAID

LOGLINE: Adult film star Penny Heaven faces the hypocrisy of the judicial system.

CASSANDRA/PENNY– Non-speaking lead. Dual roles. 25-35. Queer. Early 1980’s soccer mom AND early 1980’s porn star. Requires vulnerable crying of utter sadness/betrayal and overjoyed/queen-of-the-world bliss. Implied nudity.

JUDGE PORTER – Supporting role. 40-60. Imposing and authoritative. Self righteous. Implied masturbation.

ANDROGYNOUS WOMAN – Non-speaking supporting role. 25-35. Queer. Joan Jett meets Grace Jones. Implied nudity.

REX KINGSTON – Supporting role. 25-35. 1970’s porn star. Thinks he’s charming, but he’s kind of douchey.

FEMALE FRIEND – VOICE ONLY. 25-35. Supportive friend in the adult film business. She’s got Cassandra’s back. Ride or die.

MALE ENEMY – VOICE ONLY. 25-35. Cassandra’s ex. Cruel and gleeful that she’s lost her kids to him. He was the architect of the whole thing and is over-the-top gloating.

YES MAN – VOICE ONLY. 30+. Works for Judge Roberts’ campaign. Eager to please. Total “yes man”.

ANGRY SON – VOICE ONLY. Late teens. Judge Roberts’ son. Treats his father like a failure.

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