Excerpt: Into the Diamond Gate – a Practical Introduction to Cyprianism

Cyprianism makes a distinction between the natural beauty of the universe and the Beauty that is created by humans using Poetic force. The Practice uses a simple innovation to signify this difference. Natural beauty is notated with a lower case b, created Beauty with a capital B. This convention does not ascribe more importance to one than the other. They are, in fact, coequal. But they are not the same. One is beyond our control, yet we can exercise a certain amount of influence upon the other. This is the obligation of Cyprianism. Beauty and beauty are relational. The only way to create meaningful Cyprian art, or live The Beautiful Life of Cyprianism, is to remain reverential of natural, “small b” beauty and relating our work to it. To put it another way: forget it and forget It.

Cyprians acknowledge and appreciate natural beauty, while endeavoring to defend Beauty where it exists and creating It where it does not. We venerate Beauty to such a degree as to understand It as Deity. For centuries, the intelligent energy we know as Beauty was exalted and personified as a goddess. Paphia, Isis, Aphrodite, etc. We still worship Beauty and She loves us in return.