Excerpt: 52 Days of Beauty

Day 1. “Breathing Beauty is like tasting a spark of the sun.”

Most meditation practices begin with a focus on breathing. It is the chief bodily process over which we can exert enormous control, once we have turned our attention, and intention, toward it. Much of the time, we breath without thinking. This complex system keeps us alive by operating involuntarily, even while we sleep. However, we can take deliberate charge of our breaths – slowing, deepening, delaying – with the effect of bringing our entire experience into the present. This is why it is so important for meditation.

Our lives come at us at blinding speed, causing us to live in a constant state of reaction, rather than creation. It happens without us knowing, becoming second nature. Muscle memory. By being present we can cause ourselves to exercise the same kind of control over our life, making room for creativity in all areas.

Breath is liminal, a threshold. The gateway between your involuntary (reactive) life and your voluntary (creative) life. It is a tool you can use to build the muscle memory of being present. To become a moment. To experience what you are. From that place, all creation emanates.