I will break you,
Beastly thing
Your wild, arcing back in spasms
My bit between your teeth,
Abrading lips, taught and curled
Slick with salt,
And sickly sweet
Ejaculating steamy breaths,
Exquisite wisps,
And hateful spittle
Of a hostile tongue
Pressing pink against leather seams

And my fist balled at your nape
Hot against your silken mane
Bound up in bridle thongs
My arm set firm
Into your torquing spine
Its elbow gently bruising that dimple
Just above your quivering croupe

Then with a crop
To tease, I trace your lines in arabesques
From your reddened knees
Across your sweaty flanks
And circle that puckered place
Above your frothing lips –
That jerking pot fit firm
With a swollen shaft of leather
Inset with gems –
Bidding you to beg a bruise
To seek my settlement of your score
That weeping nether orchid
Larruped with flat smacks
That smart like kindling

I will break you, yes,
You wild thing,
You hateful beast
Longing to be broken from behind
Crying tears from eyes
And lips between thighs
And steamy breaths
Wet with pleasure

I will pierce you
On your knees
Once you’ve prayed your hateful prayer
And begged in twitches,
Seeped in sweat
And bucked against my will

Once you’ve proven
With tears and teeth
That you’ll die without me

I will break you.